How Updates For Bluestacks Without Losing Data

How Updates For Bluestacks

Sometimes the application you use won’t last long. Even the performance is not as good as before so that it will disrupt your activities. Therefore, you must make updates for Bluestacks to get even better performance results. The following is a way to properly update the Bluestacks application so as not to lose data.

How Updates For Bluestacks

1. Don’t Uninstall the Installed Bluestacks

The first thing you should do when updating the Bluestacks application is not to uninstall the installed Bluestacks. As the name suggests, the update is to renew instead of replacing the application with a new one. Therefore, this is the answer to the most popular question, is Bluestacks safe to use?

Of course, Bluestacks data is very valuable and it’s a shame if you have to lose it. Because it will be very inconvenient if you have to re-enter data or even replace it with a new one. Therefore, once again do not let you uninstall the existing Bluestacks application because it will make your data disappear.

2. Check your Bluestacks Version

One of the several ways updates for Bluestacks is checking the latest version of your Bluestacks. If your Bluestacks version is below the latest version, then it is safe to do. But if your Bluestacks version is very far from the latest version, you should not just update.

Bluestacks Version

This can affect the success or failure of the update that you do. It could be that the Bluestacks application was not successfully upgraded and you cannot use the application anymore. Therefore, make sure to check your Bluestacks version before updating it.

3. Download Latest Setup of Bluestacks

One of the several ways updates for Bluestacks is to download the latest version of the application. Of course, you have to do this to update your old application with a new one. You should download from the official website of Bluestacks to be safer or avoid viruses. Do not occasionally download the application from other unofficial websites.

Of course, to update if you haven’t previously removed the Bluestacks application, you must have the latest application. The reason is that all the updated specifications are in a new application. Therefore, it is safer if you download it from the official website because it is certainly more reliable.

4. Install the Latest Application

One of the several ways updates for Bluestacks is to install the application that you have downloaded. The trick is to open the download folder where the application is located. Then do a double click or right-click and select open. After that, select Next until the window shows the installation process. Then wait a few minutes for the process to finish. That way your Bluestacks application has been updated without losing data.

That way your Bluestacks application has been updated without losing data. Then you can prove whether the update process was successful or not. The trick is to try to open the application. If it appears as usual then the process is successful and you can use it again.

That’s 4 ways to update Bluestacks that you can do without making data disappear. Data in an application is very important and will be troublesome if lost. But if you do the update correctly then you will not lose data. Therefore, the explanation above is to help make an update without losing data.