5 Best Weather Apps for Android

Knowing the weather today beforehand will benefit to us. Watching tv can be one way to know the prediction of weather today. But, now you can always know the weather from the smartphone using one of the best apps for weather Android.

As you have known, there are many weather apps for Android. That’s why it’s not surprising that you’re confused about which app you should install on your phone. The most important thing you have to consider is how precise the weather prediction of the app is. So, with that thing in mind, here some recommended weather apps for your Android:

1. Accuweather


One of the best apps for weather Android is Accuweather. The most notorious thing about this app is how accurate this app in predicting the weather. Moreover, it can predict minute by minute.

However, that is not the only thing Accurate can do. This app also will tell you when the rain will fall and the intensity of the rain. Even the ultraviolet index can be known just by looking at this app.

2. Today Weather

Today Weather

You can count in Today Weather as a weather guide app on your Android. This app has various features including the basics. You can see how the weather conditions today on the top of the app.

If you use this app, you can get weather predictions based on your location every hour. Not only that, but you also can also see the humidity, the chance of raining, and even the moon phase. For the weather app, Today Weather is rather detailed.

3. MyRadar


MyRadar is app weather for Android that can be used to predict the weather and chance of raining. There are various features in this app. But, the one that stands out the most is the ability to play the animation so you can know whether the rain will come.

In general, this app is very simple. But if you want to give additional features, you can do so in the app purchase. For the place that constantly has a hurricane, buying the additional features may benefit you because one of those features is a hurricane tracker.

4. Overdrop


For you who love simplicity, then Overdrop is the right weather app for you. This app only has one page, so you can get all the information you need in one glance. Also, there is cute animation on the page that shows the condition today, so it can raise up your mood.

On the top of the page, you will see the general condition. But, beneath it, there are several details such as temperature, wind details, and hourly weather forecast.

5. Google Weather/Assistant

Google Weather/Assistant

If what you’re looking for a good weather app, then you may choose Google Weather. This app is automatically installed on your smartphone and totally free. Moreover, you can make the shortcut version on the home screen.

That’s not all, Google Weather also can predict the weather quite accurately. With the help of Google Map, you will get the weather prediction based on your location.

Installing a weather app on your smartphone will give you information about how the condition today. So, you can prepare for the worst. However, choose the best apps for weather Android to get an accurate prediction. Download 5 best apps above on free drivers and software.