5 Best Barcode Scanning Apps to Ease Your Life

A barcode scanner app is another solution to get an easy life. In this fast-moving era, everybody wants everything simple and quick. So, you should have that app on your phone. Find out the best apps for barcode scanning here. You can use the app everywhere, whether for transactions or see more information about something.

All the best apps for barcode scanning below can be installed both on the phone or tablet. Also, it allows us to operate with iOS or Android. One thing you should know that this app is not only useful for the customer. For small business people or enterprise users, it could be an inventory management tool, ticketing needs, and asset tracking. Now, make sure your camera is turned on, then pick one of the apps here:

1. QRbot


You can find this app on Google Play Store and it is free. This is an app that supports you to scan barcode and QR code. After that, its users can open the URLs, Wifi password, and contact information. If the users want to back up their history, they can convert their activities into .csv file and transfer to Google Drive.

2. FIXR – Entry Manager

FIXR - Entry Manager

For those who are holding an event would need this app. The Entry Manager makes the check-in process fast and easy. Each guest will get a unique code, so you are free from a duplicate issue or any administrative burden. It is convenient for your people and at the same time, it eases you to review the event through a web portal.

3. Smoopa Shopping

Smoopa Shopping

If you are iOS or Android users who love shopping, then you should have this app on your phone. Many bloggers and Pinterest users use Smoopa Shopping to share local products and their prices. After that, they will earn rewards for every purchase. So, get the advantage of this app and find more loveable things around you.

4. Scan to Spreadsheet

Scan to Spreadsheet

This is one of the best apps for barcode scanning to collect data and other information simply. You can input information on its database after scanning the barcode. No matter if you are the iOS or Android user, you are able to import the data into various programs or send it to your email. Download now and cut the unnecessary cost from your daily operations.

5. ShopSavvy


It has to be on every shopper’s phone. By using this app, you are able to compare products’ prices among retail outlets. You can get this info from Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Wish, eBay, and many others. More than that, ShopSavvy will give you the product information too. Besides scanning the barcode or QR code, you can also search by inserting the keyword to expand the result.

Those are the best apps for barcode scanning that we recommend. Actually, today many developers create a similar app for various needs. So, know your needs and find the right app. Make your life easier by taking advantage of technology innovation. Furthermore, if you want the more complete service, you can upgrade the app into a premium version. It would make your day more convenient.