How To Connect To Public Wi-Fi on Android with 2 Easy Methods

When you find a troubleshoot in connecting the public Wi-Fi on your Android, it means you need to read the review of how to connect to public Wi-Fi on Android that we are going to share on this page. Although you often find it easy to connect, a certain condition sometimes makes you difficult to do so. It can be an error on loading the Hotspot Portal Page or another case.

Commonly, there will be a device alert which appears with the notification when you start joining the public Wi-Fi. Later, you must head your phone to the login of the Wi-Fi provider to get connected. When you have troubleshot to connect, you need to try the methods that we are going to share right here.

There are typically two methods to connect to the public Wi-Fi on Android. Read out the ways in the following sections:

First Method

The first method you can try on how to connect to public Wi-Fi on Android is the common process that most people do. Go to the selection of the Wi-Fi network on your Android and phone Wi-Fi settings. This way, you will get free Wi-Fi with the best speed of the connection. Later, you must go to the authentication page or portal page which may ask you for a password. Another way, just tap on “Agree” option. Finally, you can go browsing on the internet supported by the full speed.

Second Method

If you can’t successfully pass the first method, you may try this second method. This second method is the common way to take when most people get stuck with the portal page. In this case, the connection can’t load up entirely. To solve the problem, here are the guides:

1. Connect free Wi-Fi with your Android

Firstly, you are required to connect to the Wi-Fi like you usually do with the usual steps. When the authentication page comes at your screen, you have to connect to the network as soon as possible.

2. Get gateway number from the network screen

In order to load the network authentication page, type the IP address manually in the browser. The page will be loaded and with the common default of IP address of 192. 168. 1. 1. You can try this IP address to load the authentication page.

3. Load the portal page or login manually

The third page dealing with the second method on how to connect to public Wi-Fi on Android is to log in manually. In this case, you can tap on the right arrow near the Wi-Fi name on your Android. This step will lead you to go to the next Wi-Fi network details windows where you may find out the Gateway IP address. When you get the IP Address, thus, you connect to the network.


Overall, there is no problem coming without a solution. If you get stuck to connect your Android with the public Wi-Fi, don’t hesitate to open this page again and find out the solution on how to connect to public Wi-Fi on Android.