Canon imageCLASS D1650 Review, A Wireless All-In-One Laser Printer

Canon imageCLASS D1650

Are searching for an affordable with a high-performance printer? Perhaps you should consider the Canon imageCLASS D1650 now. Since Canon keeps innovating its products, this printer is suitable for your small business to mid-size office. This article will let you know more at glance about this printer.

By using Canon imageCLASS D1650, you can accomplish your works just in time. What do you need to do? It will help you from printing document until sending it via fax. Compared to the other similar printer, Canon is so worth to be placed inside your room. Still not believe it? Read these points below:

Canon imageCLASS D1650 Features

  1. The Look

By seeing the look, you will get a simple with a multitasking impression of it. It is designed to accomplish your daily tasks with the 5” LCD touch screen. The screen is absolutely bright and large, you can easily set the printer through it. There is an Application Library platform, so, you can adjust its display look based on work routine.

This device is white and suitable in every corner. Because of its color, you can match the printer with any wall color. It would not bother your interior design. Plus, with its 2,300-sheet paper capacity, you will not think it is too big for your room.

  1. Functions

At the top part, we already told that Canon imageCLASS D1650 will help you from printing until faxing. Yes, that is true, this printer is able to print and send a fax from your gadget. You will know how incredible it is from its connectivity. Well, we will discuss it as the next point.

You can also scan with this device. Just choose your document and let the printer does what you want. After scanning, it could convert your document or making it more through the duplexing document feeder. So, when you are making the two-sided document, you don’t need extra effort.

  1. Print Speed and Quality

Accomplishing your works with no more efforts and spend much time. The printer first-print-out time is about 6.2 seconds. It could reach the printing speed up to 45 ppm, while for overall print speed is up to 45 pages per minute. Canon suggests 2,000 – 7,500 pages as monthly page volume.

About the resolution, the maximum printing resolution is up to 600 x 600 DPI. It is applied both for black-white and color document. As additional information, it is also the quality for your scanning image result.

Canon imageCLASS D1650 Inside the Box

  1. Connectivity

Since Canon imageCLASS D1650 is a wireless printer, so it is obvious that the device could connect to the Wi-Fi easily. You have no problem when your computer is far from the printer. As long as both devices are connected to the internet, you can do whatever you like with the printer.

The printer offers you a Cloud-based application, like Canon PRINT Business App, and others. You are able to print from anytime since it is synced with your cloud. Free your self from any boundary, now all can be accomplished by printing on the go.

  1. Support and Warranty

Last but not least, good information from Canon is its warranty. By having this printer, you will get a 3-year limited warranty. Considering that Canon is a big brand and trusted company, they will lead and give an excellent service for every customer.

Get their attention through call or online live chat. Their expert will guide you and give assistance every time you need. Quick and seamlessly as possible, also value your work very well. So, there is no hesitation any to use this printer.

During its innovation, Canon takes pride in making a printer for customer efficiency and success. Canon imageCLASS D1650 is one of its great printers. Besides, some people are familiar with the brand. If you still feel doubt about it, just take a minute to find how great their products are.

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How to Download Canon Printer Driver

Canon printer is one of the most favorite worldwide. This fact makes it easy for most Canon printer users to install the Canon Printer driver, especially in the latest Operating System. Commonly, you do not really need to install anything manually when you want to use the printer because your PC will automatically detect the machine when you connect it. However, there is also the possibility that you work with a computer that runs older Operating System such as Windows XP that requires you to install the printer driver before you can use it for your print tasks. In this case, you will not get any problem when you still have the CD driver. But, you may have lost the CD so that you need to search for the printer driver software from different sources. We have the ‘how’ for you.

Downloading the Canon Printer Driver

The easiest and fastest way to install the Canon Printer driver is by downloading the software first from the internet. For sure, we always recommend you to download the file only from trusted sources. In this case, the manufacturer’s official website is the best and safest place to visit.

The first thing that you need to do is visiting Canon’s official website. Next, you can select the ‘Support’ section on the home page and go to ‘Consumer and Home Office’. Please find the ‘Product Family’ dialog and choose ‘Printers & Multifunction’. You can continue to the next step of choosing the product by scrolling the bar on ‘Product Series’. When you find the appropriate model, select ‘Drivers & Software’. Finally, you can download the link of the driver you need after you select the OS you use. When finished downloading, you can simply install the driver by double-click the downloaded file. Please make sure that you follow the whole instructions to complete the installation. After finished, you can use the printer normally.

For sure, the official website is not the only source to go to download the Canon printer driver you need. However, we need to remind you that going to other websites may bring some unwanted consequences to your printer and PC. Therefore, it is always important to set up the alarm. You need to take some time to double-check whether or not the file you want to download is safe. In this case, you can use your common sense to observe first the website before you decide to download something from it.

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