The Phenomenal Angry Birds Game

Everyone knows Angry Birds game. The birds that were made as the character of Angry Birds has become an attraction and uniqueness. Even from the beginning of its appearance until 2013, Angry Birds was recorded to have been downloaded over 250 million times, it is not included the merchandise sold on the market yet. The thing that makes this Angry Birds game phenomenal is because, since its inception, the game is very fast able to dominate several top digital application markets or Apps Stores such as Google Market, Apple Apps Store, and also Playstore. It’s interesting to know about the person behind the scene of this popular game. This time we will find out about the history of Angry Birds, here is the information.

History of Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds was first created and developed in March 2009. After the Rovio game development team has successfully created this game, they released the Angry Birds game in December 2009. Angry Birds is the number one game application in Finland. Then, this game spread the wings to the United States and also Britain, this country is a place where Apple companies become the key to the success of the Angry Birds game.

A Very Challenging Games

At that time, Rovio was looking for an idea about a simple game that they could be played on the touch screen platform which was then followed by other types of gaming platforms. They want to keep using the old traditions they believe in, they said “This game must be easy to play, but difficult to master” and the beginning of an idea of ​​creating this highly addictive game arises.

The Angry Birds game is not an easy game. Even though the target is quite simple, that only gets 3 stars on each level, then find all the golden eggs that are available, and break down the structure appropriately. Because of that, the Angry Birds game has changed from a simple and easy game to a very challenging game and even often frustrates the players. That is why this game can make the players get addicted because of they curiosity when they did not get 3 stars easily.

Development of Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds continues to make innovations on the platform. Currently, Angry Birds has been present in 11 platforms. Do not stop there, they also plan to get on Facebook. Rovio has a dream to become an iconic brand from a collection of games, just like Disney. They have now developed their market area and have promoted Angry Birds in Asia.

How to Play the Angry Birds Game

In the game, the Angry Birds players will shots and launch birds to the target. The target is the pigs that have various shapes and sizes. The aim of the game is to destroy all the pigs in the game. Players must win several games so that they can get new bird characters. Each bird has different abilities, this ability can be activated by players. Rovio mobile has provided support to Angry Birds by creating several new additional versions. In the latest version, there are additions to the game content. This game has also been published in certain events.

Angry Birds is Not Just A Game

Angry birds are made not only as a game application, also not a product, but Angry Birds is a brand. I think this is the mindset that every local game developer must have. Rovio has 120 employees. The office is across from the Nokia headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Angry Birds is made in Symbian, after success and popular in iOS, then they get into the Android platform, but then get hijacked, and after that this game was free for the Android platform. That’s some interesting information about the global Angry Birds game.