Do You Want to Play Game? Get Recommendation for It!

Gaming is one of the fun activities which many people like to spend. There are many games you can find for PC as well as a smartphone. You just have to find one or more to play like Angry Bird. Do you need a recommendation for playing the best game ever?

Here Are Some Recommendations:

If you like playing games, you should not miss all of these best recommendation games for you. You can start to play them and see how much you like playing with them. There are some recommendation games for you and hope you like it. Here we are:

The Best Competitive Online Games

Do you like to play the online games? Here are some recommendations for competitive online games for you:

–    Rainbow Six Seige

It is released in 2015 from the Ubisoft Montreal developer. The game is modern and accessible FPS which rewards clever coordinated teamwork and timing as much as the aim. There are many pieces of stuff you can get like guns, elaborate maps, gadgets, and characters.

–    Overwatch

This game is released in 2016 by Blizzard developer. It has colorful and bright characters inclusive world. You can see that the character is a hero team with its shooter. The team has skills, DPS, tanks, and other pieces of stuff to achieve the winning.

–    Fortnite Battle Royale

This game is released in 2017 by Epic developer. You can see the architecture quality starts from green pastures up to impromptu skyscrapers which can make you feel so excited. You can get skins, tools, traps, and weapons for helping you through many levels.

The Best Single-Player Shooters

There are 3 popular and best recommendations for single-player shooters games you can play on PC. There are:

–    Doom

It is released in 2016 by id developer. Don’t you know? The original of this game was released in 1993 and becomes the most influential game shooters. Comes with a new game, the developer has created a new family name, and some fun. It has a singular purpose. You can get the character as a demon or a gun. All you can do is just shooting the demon face in every level.

–    Warhammer: Verminitide 2

It is released in 2019 by Fatshark developer. As its name, Warhammer, it means you can get a war by using a hammer as the weapon. The character of this game is four heroes and you can pick one of them. All you can do is punching every rat one by one to save the world. Every hero has its own skills and weapon to punch the rat.

–    Dusk

It is released in 2018 by David Szymanski developer. This game is a modernization of classic game which has a great time, especially for DOS-era shooters. You can get all of them like dual-wielded shotguns, metal soundtrack, secret chamber, color-coded keys, and many more.

Those are the best recommendation games you can spend your free time with. You just have to find out one or more games you like playing most. It helps you to spend your free time in a fun way.

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Web Browser with Its Significance Value

Web Browser is an application that gives a significant value to the Android smartphone we have. The function of this application itself is to help us access the internet or the World Wide Web. Mostly, the browser applications are usually installed by default on every Android device. However, not all browsers can give us the expected browsing experience because they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the Android users can use one of the best out of 4 browsers on Android.

There are lots of third-party browser applications that can be downloaded for free on the Play Store and FileHippo provides computer software like browser too. The browser can provide the best browsing experience for you. The following 4 applications come with some attractive features and also reliable performance.

Google Chrome for Androids

More than 1 billion downloads, Chrome is one of the favorite browser application for the smartphone users. Chrome is also installed on several Android devices. This application has all the latest features needed for the browser. This feature includes unlimited tab browsing, desktop synchronization, HTML5 support, a faster and safer browsing experience, news article display, incognito mode, Google voice search, etc. Google Chrome is considered as the safest and the most trusted Android browser in the world. This browser can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. Here are the pros of Google Chrome. First, it is providing a fast and reliable browsing experience. Have more tab browsing controls. Has a data-saver feature. Yet the cons is it does not have support for add-ons.

Firefox Browser for Android

It has many similarities to its desktop version. Firefox is also one of the best browsers on Android that provides users with a wonderful browsing experience. The important features in Firefox are like HTML5 support, synchronization support, and add-on support. You can send a video or web content from your Android smartphone to a TV device that is equipped with the tool that makes it able to stream. Firefox is one of the safest Android browsers and can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. The pros are, it provides an easy access to several top sites. It has the “fast sharing” feature on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc. The cons are if it is loading on heavy pages, it doesn’t run smoothly.

Opera Mini Browser for Android

Opera Mini is a familiar browser to the users of iOS and Android devices. This browser can also save your data when browsing. Opera Mini also provides features to download videos from the social media. It is lightweight and can be downloaded for free, and this browser also provides many important features for the browser. Additional features include speed dial, data tracker, night mode, news updates, private browsing, etc. This browser also uses cloud acceleration and also data compression technology to provide the best experience for the users. The pros are, it has an intuitive interface. Can load pages more quickly and can save the data usage. Has a security integration feature. Cons: Has a limited number of add-ons.

UC Browser for Android

UC Browser is a mobile browser that has so many features. This browser is available on several platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Symbian, Microsoft Windows, and Windows phone. Just like Opera Mini, UC Browser also uses cloud acceleration and also data compression technology. As one of the best browsers on Android, same as the other browsers, it also has HTML5 web application, small window mode, cloud synchronization feature, function to block ads, night mode, facebook mode, etc. It can be downloaded for free. This browser is one of the best browsers on Android that provides the best browsing experience for the users. Pros: Provides options to speed up the download. Have many add-ons. Provides the option to view pages as text only. Cons: The security integration feature cannot be used in some web and some applications.

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Don’t Forget to Install These Essential Softwares

While having a new laptop, you should know first that there is some essential software which you should install. It helps you a lot to do your job with the new laptop. Do you want to know what they are? Check this out!

Web Browser

A web browser is so important for you to install on your new laptop. It helps you to find more information through the internet by using website. Even though you use the laptop for typing only, you must have this essential software for your new laptop.

There are many options for web browser apps you can pick like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and many more. You just have to make sure that you pick the best web browser.

Backup & Cloud Storage

The backup and cloud storage can help you well to save any data in the more convenient way. You should have both in your toolbox. You should adjust your requirement with the amount of cloud storage itself.

To help you get more storage, you can choose Google Drive, iCloud, OneCloud, Dropbox, or something like that. For backup providers, you can pick like SOS Online Backup, Carbonite, SugarSync, IDrive, Blackblaze, and more. If you need bigger space and full backup services, it means you have to use the paid storage.


Get the information at the same time and quick is more important ways to have on your laptop. If you use your laptop for work, it is so much better if you have messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Slack, Cisco Spark, and more. Just make sure your laptop has one messaging software.


Of course, security software is so important for your laptop. Why? When your laptop has no one security software, your data is endangered. The data will be lost when the virus comes into your laptop.

To help you prevent the lost data, you have used one of security software for your new laptop. There are many options for security software you can pick like Malwarebytes,, and many more. It helps you to keep your data safe from any viruses or malware.

Email + Office Suite

Every laptop should have the office suite and email software on it. It helps you a lot to make the new document as you need. The most popular office suite is Microsoft Office. You should use this office suite to help you make the document as what you need.

Besides the office suite, the email will help you a lot to send the document or data in an easy way. You should not forget to install email or office suite software in your laptop and start working with the new laptop one.


Like the holiday, you also need some refreshment during your productive time. For this time, you can install the multimedia software like MP3 or video player. There are ton options for multimedia software you can pick. You can use Spotify, Winamp, VLC, Media Player Classic, GOM, and many more.


Like the multimedia software, for the gamers, you can install the games software on your laptop. Remember, not all of the laptop can be installed with large sizes. Hence, you just have to know about the requirement of the game first and see whether your laptop is fulfilling the criteria or not. It is to prevent your laptop go slowing down to response.

Other Stuff

The other stuff you need to install depending on your necessary. If you use the laptop for the editing job, you need editing tools, and so on. Adjust it with your need for the software itself.

Those are the essential software you should have on your new laptop. Don’t miss them.

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