About the ROBLOX Game

ROBLOX game is a game to create games that are now present for the Android platform. You may be confused by the statement of ROBLOX descriptions. ROBLOX is made by Roblox Corporation. This is a sandbox creator game that allows you to be able to create your own games as you want by using the ROBLOX Builder Kit which is very simple and easy to use and also recommended technology for beginner who wants to learn. In addition, ROBLOX also has “create & share” features that make you able to share various kinds of game content that have been created with other players, so they can play it out there.

Famous Games in Europe

ROBLOX itself is not a new game for gamers who love sandbox games abroad, especially in Europe and America. ROBLOX which is a combination of the word “robot” and “block” was first released for Windows PCs and Macs in 2006. Unlike the other sandbox games creator like Minecraft which are much simpler to made and simpler to play, ROBLOX allows you to enter your own coding to provide unique gameplay variations and represent the genre of the game that you want. The result is, more than 14 genres are currently available for you to play on the ROBLOX, including the genre of FPS, Fighting, RPG, Action Platformer, and so on.

Of course, it cannot be called as a mobile game if you do not find the fun of playing the games when opening ROBLOX on the Android gadget you have. With thousands of content from the various catalog genres that existed earlier, you can choose for yourself some games that made by the other players. You can access it through the main Game Browser menu which is a little stiff to be implemented into the smartphone version.

To be able to play this game on your Android smartphone, ROBLOX requires a special account that you can create in the main menu or through their official website page. In addition, ROBLOX also requires a fast internet connection so that the loading level of the game you choose can be immediately in your hands, so I really do not recommend you to play this game if your internet speed is below 2 Mbps

For some gamers, playing ROBLOX will remind them of the Minecraft Pocket Edition sandbox game but with gameplay and visual shapes that are far more varied for the size of an open-world sandbox game. With controls that are more or less the same as FPS games on mobile, in here you are free to enjoy this game all you want as long as your internet connection is good and smooth, or if not a very bad lag will give you a ridiculous visual glitch impression for you to watch.

Unfortunately, there is no option to eliminate chat chats that spend a quarter of the screen, so the view on the smartphone screen is really limited and many screens are blocked.

Play ROBLOX Game on A Capable Smartphone

If you are interested in playing an open-world sandbox game that is quite varied for your Android device, then I will recommend ROBLOX to you, and make sure that you are connected to a good internet and gadget/tablet you have a fairly capable spec.