Were you Wondering?
Blue Collar Baking Company receives many inquiries about its baking, so here are answers to the most popular questions. If you have a question, feel free to send an email inquiry to info@bluecollarbaking.com. We’ll do our best to get you a timely answer. Thanks.

Do you have seating at your shop?
Yes. Think coffeehouse atmosphere where tasty treats are made from scratch. We have lots of comfy seating and big windows, and free WiFi. Find us at the corner of SW 3rd and Pine, downtown Portland.
What's the easiest way to order a bakery tray?
Stop by our shop at 319 SW Pine Street in downtown Portland. Or give us a shout at 503-227-3249.
Does Blue Collar Baking deliver?
Yes. Currently we deliver in the downtown Portland area only.
Delivery charge is $5.
Is there a minimum order amount for delivery service?
Yes, $25, plus the delivery charge.
How much lead time do you need for orders?
Depends on the size of the order, but in general three days would be great. A week would be heaven. It’s a crazy busy world and we’d like to help you out if we can.
Do you take debit/credit cards?
Yes, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Cash is good too, and checks pre-approved by Blue Collar Baking.
What do you bake?
Cookies, bars, coffeecakes, tea breads, scones, granola and crackers, with plans to expand our offerings into other buttery realms. Our tasty Bundt cakes are popular birthday cake alternatives to the overly frosted cakes you get at grocery stores. We have birthday cake toppers and candles too. What’s more, we have hot Panini sandwiches and breakfast parfaits.
Can you bake a specific cookie/Bundt cake flavor?
Sure can! Your best chance at getting a specific flavor is to keep the request simple and to give us lots of lead time. We can’t always say yes, but we’ll try our best. Additional charges may apply.
Can you personalize gift box orders?
Yes, in two ways. One way is for an extra 25 cents per box, we can include a mini “A Gift for you” card which comes with an envelope and space for a small message. Second, we can also, for an extra 25 cents per box, literally rename the cookies to your liking with a personalized cookie label. One time, a local hospital bought gift boxes for each of their Speech Language Therapists. They had us rename each cookie to a name related to their medical field. For example, “Confabulation Cookie.” The therapists absolutely loved it and thanked their supervisors for being so thoughtful and creative. What fun!
Do you use organic ingredients?
In general, no. We use ingredients like real butter, sugar, vanilla, and occasionally find good deals on organic ingredients. But we’re not an organic baking operation.
Do you bake vegan or gluten free?
Our slogan is, “We’re not afraid of butter!” so vegan baking is not part of our mission. And our bakery is made with all purpose flour, so it has gluten. However, Portland is blessed with many bakeries that specialize in vegan and/or gluten-free baking. Check them out.
Does Blue Collar Baking donate baked goodies to worthwhile causes?
You bet. To keep things fair and manageable, we adopt a charity/cause every three to six months and they get our exclusive attention. If you’re a non-profit, feel free to toss your name into the mix for when we adopt a new charity.
vvvYour logo is way cool! Who did it?
dddd Portland designer Ginnie MacPherson gets the props. Contact her at www.macphersondesign.com
xxxDoes Blue Collar Baking sell wholesale?
yyy Not at this time, but give us a call and we’ll talk.
Do you ship orders?
yyy Not at this time. Right now, we’re strictly a Portland, Oregon operation.
What’s with all the funny cookie/bakery names?
Names for our baked goods are a throwback to our blue-collar roots and growing up in the industrial town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the 1960s.

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